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Avoid Back Pain

Whether you are a college student or working in an office environment, you are likely to experience some sort of back pain. Approximately 80% of adults experience some form of back pain at some stage in life. Back pain can result in missed classes, workdays and even missed vacations! Your back is a complex structure of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and discs. It can be divided into 3 major components, the Thoracic (upper and mid-back), the Lumbar (lower back) and the Sacral (base of the spine).

3 major ways to avoid back pain

1.) Poor Posture – Regardless of the environment we work or live in, most of us are guilty of this. However, poor posture is just not as simple as sitting or standing correctly. It is important to have your desk set up correctly at work, adjust your car seat at the appropriate height, even having your wallet in your back pocket can cause poor posture!

2.) ALWAYS LIFT WITH YOUR LEGS! Whether it’s at the gym or at work lifting heavier objects, it’s extremely important to lift with your legs instead of your back. Your legs are your biggest muscles, use them!

3.) ALWAYS STRETCH IN THE MORNING! It is highly important to start your day off with a few easy stretches. After not moving much for 6-8 hours, your muscles will be tight and ridged. It’s important to loosen them up to increase your mobility, making tasks throughout the day much easier.