What is shockwave therapy?

Shockwave therapy is a relatively new treatment option in rehabilitation which uses high energy sound waves to treat affected tissues. These shockwaves work by activating the body's natural healing powers, which may have become dormant with chronic injury. More specifically, the shockwaves increase blood flow and metabolic rate in the injured tissue, which leads to gradual tissue regeneration and healing.

Is it ideal for me?

Shockwave is ideal for individuals who want the quickest recovery with short treatment sessions usually lasting only 10 minutes. Those suffering from nagging or chronic conditions now have a safe alternative to treatments such as cortisone injections. When administered by properly trained medical professionals at Physiofit Health & Rehab, shockwave therapy has virtually no risks or side effects, although patients are expected to experience local soreness during the treatment session.



How is treatment administered?

After a thorough examination, the therapist will palpate for the painful or tender areas to determine where the shockwaves should be applied. A skin gel is applied to the area and then the shockwave applicator is pressed against the skin. The machine is than turned on and the therapist moves the applicator head over the injured tissues in a circular pattern. Breaks are allotted after several hundred pulses to allow the patient to take a break as needed.

What disorders can be treated?

shoulder pain (ex. rotator cuff injury)
heel pain
golfer's and tennis elbow
Achilles tendon pain
muscle pain related to trigger points
jumpers knee/tendinitis
chronic neck and back pain
shin splints
knee osteoarthritis

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